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POLARIZE Tribe is a private community that helps young men who are struggling with school and want to improve their WHOLE lives through fitness, mindset, and brotherhood. With our personalized Fitness Coaching and Mindset Training, you’ll be unstoppable in achieving your goals. Plus, you’ll have the support of our amazing Community that will keep you motivated every step of the way.

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Of course! We have teenagers inside of POLARIZE TRIBE already. Please ask your parents for permission first.
No. POLARIZE TRIBE will never be for free. I’m putting hours of my time into the Tribe everyday. You wouldn’t be happy with your parents working for free would you?
Every call is recorded and uploaded to the Tribe Platform SKOOL so you can watch the recording at 2x speed afterwards.

We also rotate the call timings every now and then based on students poll answers for the most popular call times.

POLARIZE TRIBE currently costs a one time joining fee of $499.99, and then a weekly subscription that costs $34.

You buy it today and pay $499.99. And then every 30 days after today its $34 per week

We have a dedicated customer support email that you can find inside of POLARIZE TRIBE when you join. We’ll reply within 24 hours and accept every cancellation request.
Yes of course. We are an online community with most of all activity happening in the online platform.
All Workout Programs and Sessions will be Tracked and Uploaded Online So Everyone has Access.