About Polarize Tribe

Our mission

Our mission is to help young men who are struggling with school or facing uncertainty in their lives, to transform themselves through fitness, mindset, and brotherhood. At POLARIZE, we believe that with the right mindset, attitude, and community, anything is possible.

Our Story

Jackson, the Founder of POLARIZE struggled heavily wth mental health problems from as young as 12 years old, Imagine Anxiety putting you in a frozen state, thoughts that made you not want to be around anymore and health that was slowing taking your life away, constantly on video games, substances, never leaving your room, for 3-4 Years.


Imagine it all dissapear. Imagine over the course of 12 months completely fixing your mental health, getting into physcial shape, starting boxing, self improvement, meditating, journalling, reading.

The credit goes to Jackson for putting in the work to change his life around but he always gives credit to 2 things,

Healthy Community & Healthy Guidance

This Is what we now offer, to help those young guys who need, With our Community and Mentorship

Join our community of like-minded people and start transforming your life today.